Michaël van Kraalingen

Creative Director & Founder

Michaël is a giraffe. He doesn’t only have the length of one, but the animals spots stand for the amount of creativity he has. As scenarist, director, cameraman, editor, grader, occasionally sound recorder and runner… Michaël is our creative mastermind.

“He feels”. I think that the best creatives always want to make sincere videos, in which they stay true to themselves and that’s what Michaël does. I feel honored and grateful that I get to produce his creative fantasies into achievable, within budget reality.

Manon about Michaël

Manon Zwaan

Creative Producer & Founder

Manon is a pit-bull. Well, if we’re using animal metaphors that is. She bites herself into her productions and doesn’t let go until it is finished to her high standards. Maybe a pit-bull is a Manon. I don’t know, the animal metaphors get a little too much.

“She cares”. I think that the best producers don’t only want to do the job, but they realize that every crew is a small family. And Manon takes care of every crew like they are her own family. I wouldn’t know how to get anything going without her.

Michaël about Manon